Why Are No-See-Ums Attracted To Humans

The tiny no-see-um is a true nuisance. Almost too small to see, these little flies seem to come out of nowhere, biting and pestering you until you are sent running for cover indoors. Sometimes going inside doesn’t help either, because the tiny flies can get through most standard screens and continue biting you indoors. So […]

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How Long Do No-See-Ums Live

Understanding the life cycle of any pest is helpful in both avoiding them and controlling them. Because no-see-ums are so hard to see, it can be difficult to pinpoint where they live and just how long they can torment you. As you work to control these pests, here’s a closer look at just how long […]

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Where Are No-See-Ums Found

If you spend any time outdoors, especially near water, chances are high that you’ve experienced the annoyance of bites from the No-See-Ums. Also known as biting midges, these pesky little pests seem to come out of nowhere, biting you and leaving behind painful, itchy welt. One way to avoid getting bit bu no-see-ums is to […]

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How Do No-See-Ums Multiply

The no-see-um is a bothersome pest that can cause uncomfortable bites and prevent you from enjoying your time outdoors. Understanding the habits of these pesky critters is key to taking back your outdoor enjoyment. One way in which you can minimize the effect of no-see-ums is by understanding how these insects reproduce. Here is a […]

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